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Navigating Mt. Dabajian: Your Comprehensive Guide to Permits, Public Transport, and Trail Insights

Posted by:  Anusha Lee
Published date: January 12, 2021
Last update: March 26, 2024
As one of the three mountains (Jade Mountain and Nanhu Mountain) depicted on the banknotes in Taiwan, Dabajian Mountain is one of the most popular 100 Peaks trails and is relatively easy for new hikers.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobian
For seasoned hikers or those looking for challenges, you can also take a different route to enjoy the magnificent high mountains that Taiwan can offer. You will find information about the various routes to Mt. Dabajian, Holy Ridge Trail (aka Shengleng Trail), and the other 100 Peaks at Shei-Pa National Park.
Dalu Forest Road is is closed due to the landslides. Mt. Dabajian, Holy Ridge I Route, and Y Route are closed. Please check Shei-Pa National Park's website before you go.
Taiwan Hikes is an affiliated partner of HolaTaipei.

Table of Contents:

Trail Information and Map/GPX Data

Trail Name: Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian 大小霸尖山
Distance: 62 km (38.5 miles)
Route type: Out-and-back
Days/Hours Needed: At least three days for average hikers. Some extremely hikers do it in one day.
Total Ascent/Descent: 1442m/1442m
Best Time to Go: All year round, but the Shei-pa National Park will check hikers' hiking experience or certificates during the snow season. Bring gear for hiking in the snow is a must.
Permits: Required. See How to Apply for Permits and Book Meals.
Difficulty Level: trail difficulty
Peaks to Reach:
  1. Mt. Dabajian 大霸尖山: 3,492 meters (11,456 feet), a Class 2 Triangulation Stone on the peak.
  2. Mt. Xiaobajian 小霸尖山: 3,418 meters (11,214 feet)
  3. Mt. Yizhe 伊澤山: 3,297 meters (10,817 feet), a Class 3 Triangulation Stone on the peak.
  4. Mt. Jiali 加利山: 3,112 meters (10,210 feet), a Class 3 Triangulation Stone on the peak.

Things to Know before You Go

  1. It may take some luck to win the lottery of Jiujiu Hut.
  2. If you do the Daba Route, you can take your bike to make the Dalu Forest Road easier.
  3. The water at Zhongba Hut is not stable. Therefore, you might need to carry water from Jiujiu Hut.
  4. If you stay at Zhongba Hut for two nights, you must hike at least 27 km from Zhongba Hut to Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint.
  5. Sumida Cliff can be scary for people who don't like height. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous, too.
  6. If you decide to camp at Wuling Farm on the previous day, be aware of the aggressive wild monkeys. They take human food. Please don't feed them, either.
  7. Remember to bring a light backpack for your visit to Mt. Dabajian on the second day. You only need to get the essentials like water, rain gear, trail meals, etc., in it.

Phone Receptions: You will see the posts with bright yellow signs telling you which telecom companies can get the internet.

  1. On Dalu Forest Road: you will find a good phone reception on Dalu Forest Road.
  2. Between Madara River Trailhead and Jiujiu Hut: after crossing the Madara River, only ChungHwa Telecom users can get the best reception.
  3. At Jiujiu Hut and Zhongba Hut: the internet reception is incredibly good.
  4. Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobajian: good.
  5. The rest: I turned on airplane mode to save battery power, but you will see posts with yellow signs if there's phone reception.

Map/GPX Data

Dates of Hike: I did this trail twice. The first one was on September 3rd, and the second one was on July 8th, 2022.

Route map for Dabajian And Xiaobajian Updated by Anusha Lee on plotaroute.com

Click Menu in the map to download, print, or share the map.
You can see more options after clicking the Play button.
Click timer to change the speed to meet your condition.

How to Get There: Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service - Guanwu Route

From Taiwan Highspeed Rail Hsinchu Station to Guanwu Villa.
Bus stop: Platform 6 at Exit 4 of Taiwan Highspeed Rail Hsinchu Station.
Bus fare: NT$300 one trip
Driving time: Around 2 hours 25 minutes depending on traffic
From HSR Hsinchu Station to Guanwu Villa: 07:10, 13:10
From Guanwu Villa to HSR Hsinchu Station: 10:10, 16:10
Please check the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website for the latest timetable.
Please make a reservation online or call +886- 911-363-360. (NT$100 for reservation deposit)
According to the bus company, passengers can only make a reservation 30 days but no later than 4 days before departure (the bus company mentions this only on their Chinese website).
If you have a bigger group, hiring a pickup service is recommended.
If you don't want to hike on Dalu Forest Road, 34 km round trips, you can rent or ride your own bike to the actual trailhead near Madara River 馬達拉溪. Shei-Pa National Park relaxed the regulations of riding a bike, except for electric bikes, on May 20th, 2022, for one year.
Bike entry is allowed between 8 am and 5 pm. Cyclists must scan QR codes at the Mt. Dabajian checkpoint. However, the Dalu Forest Road condition isn't as good as a bike trail. Please ride with caution.

How to Apply for Permits and Book Meals

First, you need to apply for park entry permits for Mt. Dabajian. Remember to check all the boxes before clicking I Agree.

Standard Application v.s. Foreign Advanced Application

If you are an Alien Resident Certificate or an exchange student, you still have to click Standard Application.
If you are a tourist from other countries, you can click Foreign Advanced Application. The difference is that Jiujiu Hut will preserve a certain number of beds to ensure they can arrange their travel in advance.
The application dates are open from 4 months before the date of exit to 65 days before the date of entry. Please check how many beds are available before you apply.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
This is the page you'll see after clicking "I Agree".
For Standard Applications, you must apply for permits two months to 5 days before the date of your hike.

Enter Your Itinerary

Select Daba Peaks (3 days or 4 days) and stay at Jiujiu Hut. The fee is NT$200 per person per night at Jiujiu Hut, and it's free if you apply for Jhongba (or Zhongba) Hut.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
There are default secondary route once you click the first one.
Once you get park permits, Jiujiu Hut will email you a payment notice. When you check in at Jiujiu Hut, you must bring your ID or passport, printouts of park permits, and payments to Jiujiu Hut. Then, the staff at Jiujiu Hut will arrange your beds.

The Emergency Coordinator

In Taiwan, an Emergency Coordinator is deemed a member of the hiking team. This person must participate in your trip planning and know the itinerary well.
After hikers are on the trail, this coordinator provides the weather forecast for the team if they can't get a phone signal in the wilderness. If things happen, the coordinator calls the rescue team for help. The team guide has to report to the emergency coordinator every day about their progress, team members' conditions, etc.
100 Peaks: Qilai Nanhua: How to Apply for Tianchi Lodge and Permits
You need to have an emergency coordinator to apply for permit.

No Need to Apply for the Police Mountain Entry Permit

Meal and Sleeping Bag Rental Service

Jiujiu Hut doesn't provide meals but has a designated area for hikers to cook food or water. Since this is a popular destination for hikers, you can find porters that provide cooked meals and sleeping bag rental services.

Journey Through the Peaks: Details of the Daba Route of Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian

This route is the easiest and also the most popular one to enjoy Mt. Dabajian. There are different trails if you are opt for more challenging hikes. Please read my post about Holy Ridge Trail for details.

Day 1 Itinerary: Dalu Forest Road: From Excitement to Boredom

Day 1 brief itinerary: Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint (2,039 meters) ➔ Madara River Bridge (1,818 meters), where the actual hike starts ➔ Jiujiu Hut (2,699 meters)
It takes 4 to 5 hours to finish Dalu Forest Road East Line. However, I suggest you make it quick since it's mostly downhill because it will take 4 hours to complete the 4.1km hike to Jiujiu Hut.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
The entrance of Dalu Forest Road
You will go through the gate of Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint and submit your documents or in the mailbox scan QR code if you ride a bike.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint
If you don't ride a bike on Dalu Forest Road, the 17km hike starts from here and goes down to Madara River to the actual trailhead of Mt. Dabajian.
Although it's a gradual descent, you will still go through some ups and downs. The trail terrain of Dalu Forest Road is relatively easy. You will find big tables and chairs to rest.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Dalu Forest Road
Please be aware of Stingy Nettles, especially when trying to find a place to release yourself. They are almost everywhere on the road. No toilets on Dalu Forest Road, either. I brushed my thigh against them on the way back. Not fun.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Stingy Nettles are common at high mountains in Taiwan.
You will find millage posts every 100 meters. After a 9km post, you can see Mt. Yizhe and Mt. Jiali on the ridge.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
At 14.5km, you will see a bride with a long waterfall. That is Dongxian Waterfall 東線瀑布. From here, 2.5 km to go to the actual trailhead.
Mt. Dabajian Dongxian Waterfall
When I started taking Dalu Forest Road, I was still excited about doing this hike and admired the forests I saw.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Many big trees on Dalu Forest Road
Gradually, the excitement subsided, and it was replaced by boredom. Whenever a cyclist passed me, I gave them a look of jealousy. At least, I was jealous of them taking the bike and wished I could have done the same.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
Then, I saw an ample space with a post pointing to Madara River Trailhead.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
Before taking the shortcut, you can take a break at the massive stone table and chairs. After that, the shortcut is a steep slope that takes about 5 minutes to pass.
If you don't take the shortcut, there will be another 2 km to Madara River Trailhead.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Taking the shortcut to save 2km hike.
You will see some bikes parked at the fence.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
There is a shelter at the bottom of the steep slope. Some hikers will stay here for one night.
Shelter near Madara River
A shelter before Madara River
Shelter near Madara River
We stayed at the shelter for one night during my second hike.
There is an old checkpoint nearby. We met a solo hiker staying there overnight. But I was told that the foundation of that old checkpoint was eroded.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe

Day 1 Itinerary: The Real Hike Began: 900 Meters of Elevation Gain in 4.1 km

While crossing the Madara River Bridge, I saw the ruined suspension bridge. Some hikers said they could drive on Dalu Forest Road and start the hike to Mt. Dabajian right here many years ago before the bridge was distorted.
Madara River and bridge
Crossing Madara River
Trail to Jiujiu Hut of Mt. Dabajian
Old Madara bridge ruin
There is a slope passing next to the collapsed bridge. From here, it's a 4.1 km fun hike to Jiujiu Hut, and this took me 4 hours to finish the climbing.
Trail to Jiujiu Hut of Mt. Dabajian
The trail terrain is no longer flat and friendly. We had to walk on sections of rocks or intertwined tree roots. It will be slippery if it rains.
Since this is a popular hiking trail, we saw several porters carrying food and gas cylinders climbing up. This is a tough job.
Trail to Jiujiu Hut of Mt. Dabajian
Porters carried meals and a gas cylinder slowing climbing up to Jiujiu Hut.
For new hikers, climbing up to Jiujiu Hut is tough, too. We took several breaks to catch our breath. Then, finally, we saw the gate we had been waiting for, Jiujiu Hut.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe

Amenities at Jiujiu Hut and the Stunning Sunset

Most hikers will book meals and sleeping bags from porters to save some weight. There's a kitchen if you want to cook your meals with your stove.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Jiujiu Hut.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Jiujiu means 99 in Chinese. Jiujiu Hut is at 2,599 meters above sea level. That's how the name came from.
You will be assigned to either the small huts or the big house, depending on your group size. There are several toilets, too.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
No camping is allowed here.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
The interior inside the house at Jiujiu Hut
If you arrive at Jiujiu Hut before sunset, please go past the solar panels to a slope. You will find hikers gathering there, waiting for the sunset. This one was taken by my friend Jeffery Chang 張建舫.
100 Peaks: Sunset at Jiujiu Hut near Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobajian. Photo by Jeffery Chang 張建舫
Photo by Jeffery Chang 張建舫

Day 2 Itinerary: Another Steep Climb to the Junction of Mt. Jiali

Day 2 brief itinerary: Jiujiu Hut (2,699 meters) ➔ Junction to Mt. Jiali (3,152 meters) ➔ Junction to Mt. Yizhe (3,220 meters) ➔ Zhongba Hut (3,297 meters) ➔ Zhongbaping ➔ Mt. Dabajian (3,490 meters) ➔ Mt. Xiaobajian (3,419 meters) ➔ Mt. Dabajian ➔ Zhongbaping (3,400 meters) ➔ Zhongba Hut ➔ Mt. Yizhe (3,296 meters) ➔ Mt. Jiali (3,112 meters) ➔ Jiujiu Hut
Most hikers will start their hike to Mt. Dabajian and the other three peaks at 3 am if they start their hike from Jiujiu Hut. However, you can head out later if you stay at Zhongba Hut.
The junction of Mt. Jiali is at 6 km. There is an elevation gain of 450+ meters in 2 km. The distance from this junction to Mt. Jiali is 1 km one way.
3050 Highland is around here. Some hikers say the view is great here, but I didn't get a chance to see the view during a good weather. This is a good place to enjoy Taiwan alpine rhododendron blossoms in Spring. There is a helipad near the junction. Again, I didn't see it, either.
Mt. Jyunda Trail
Taiwan alpine rhododendron from Mt. Jyunda
After this junction, the rest of the trail to Mt. Dabajian is relatively flat. So, I suggest you go to Mt. Dabajian and visit Mt. Jiali and Mt. Yizhe later.
During my second visit to Mt. Dabajian, I skipped Mt. Jiali and Mt. Yizhe because I was tired druing my second hike, and it started raining, nothing much to see anyway.
It rained during my second visit to Mt. Dabajian, so I skipped Mt. Jiali.
The junction to Mt. Yizhe is at 8.8 km, and it takes 10 minutes to reach the peak one way.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
On the way to Mt. Dabajian, you will see a small shelter, Zhongba Hut. Zhongba Hut can accommodate around 12 hikers, and only one or two tents can be pitched at the front. I like this cabin better than Jiujiu Hut. I am never a fan of big cabins unless I am the only one staying there.
Zhongba Cabin
My hiking mates from my second trip.
The night sky and Hsinchu city lights from Zhongba Hut

Day 2 Itinerary: Amazing Zhongbaping to See Turtle Island

If you stay at Zhongba Hut at 9.6 km, I recommend you get up early to enjoy the stunning 360∘ views of Zhongbaping and sunrise. The distance from Zhongba Hut to Mt. Dabajian is 1.3 km.
Morning view of Zhongbaping to Mt. Dabajian
Stunning morning view from Zhongbaping
I never knew that we could see Turtle Island, which is 80 km (49.7 miles) away from Zhongbaping.
Morning view of Zhongbaping to Mt. Dabajian
Turtle Island is above the mountain peak on the left.
We spent a lot of time enjoying the surroundings at Zhongbaping, and, of course, taking photos with NT$500 banknote. The mountain depicted on the back of NT$500 is Mt. Dabajian.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
After Zhongbaping, we went downhill for a while and saw the mountain we'd been waiting for: Mt. Dabajian, at 10.9 km.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan

Day 2 Itinerary: The Famous Mt. Dabajian

From there, hikers looked like ants, and the shape of Mt. Dabajian seemed so different. It looked so pointed.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
Hikers on the way to Mt. Xiaobajian from Mt. Dabajian.
In fact, Mt. Dabajian has many shapes if you see it from different places.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
I took this while hiking on the Holy Ridge Trail Y Route.
Mt. Dabajian and Holy Ridgeline
The square one is Mt. Dabajian, from the side near Xinda Cabin.
On July 23rd, 2010, Shei-Pa National Park banned hikers from climbing to the top of Mt. Dabajian because Mt. Dabajian is the sacred mountain for Taiwan indigenous people Atayal 泰雅族 and Saisiyat 賽夏族.
Climbing ban on the top of Mt. Dabajian
The entrance to the top is behind this footpath. To be honest, I didn't even dare to think about trying to climb to the top.
Climbing ban on the top of Mt. Dabajian
There was a ladder to the top of Mt. Dabajian here, but it was removed.

Day 2 Itinerary: An Adrenaline Rush on the Ridge to Mt. Xiaobajian

After finishing the peak photos, we quickly passed the basal of Mt. Dabajian. When you go through the footpath, please proceed with caution.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
This is my photo with Mt. Dabajian.
The footpath can be wet from the water dripping from Mt. Dabajian, and you might bump your head against the rock when you turn.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
The footpath at the basal of Mt. Dabajian. This was taken from my first visit.
We passed the basal within 10 minutes and reached the ridge. Facing toward Mt. Xiaobajian, I saw the Holy Ridge on my left side.
Snow Mountain from Mt. Dabajian ridge
The one on the right is the famous Snow Mountain, 3,886 meters (12,749 feet), the second highest mountain in Taiwan. The left one is 穆特勒布山, 3,623 meters (11,887 feet).
While on the ridge, I turned back to check out Mt. Dabajian and saw this beautiful silhouette.
Dabajian Mountain in Taiwan
On my right side, a sea of clouds was in the distance. Then, on a dome-shaped mountain top, I saw the Leshan Radar Station 樂山雷達站, the one with expensive PAVE PAWS.
M. Dabajian looking at Leshan Radar Station
Mt. Xiaobajian
Heading to Mt. Xiaobajian
Finally, we reached the basal of Mt. Xiaobajian. Suddenly, Mt. Xiaobajian looked huge.
Mt. Xiaobajian
Mt. Xiaobajian looked huge when we got closer to this peak.
After some hikers left Mt. Xiaobajian, we started climbing to the top. I left my trekking poles in the bush because they would become a hinder when climbing.
Mt. Xiaobajian
Please also make sure there aren't too many people when you are climbing to the top. You don't want to get stuck there.
Mt. Xiaobajian
Looking at the basal where we were.
It took me less than 10 minutes to reach the top. It was still crowded when we were there, and the space was small.
When I did my first hike to Mt. Xiaobajian, it was cloudy. I couldn't see anything. With sunny weather during my second hike, it looked amazing.
Mt. Xiaobajian
The top of Mt. Xiaobajian can only accommodate a few people, but the view was amazing.
The shape of Mt. Dabajian changed again when I was on the top of Mt. Xiaobajian.
Mt. Xiaobajian
Time to get back to our cabin. We took the same ridge back. The ridge looked like a scary slide from here.
Mt. Dabajian and the ridge from Mt. Xiaobajian
The ridge between Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian look scarier from the distance.
LOHAS hiking guides from Taiwan
Our hiking guides from LOHAS
After finishing Mt. Xiaobajian and Mt. Dabajian, you can visit Mt. Yizhe and Mt. Jiali. Then back to Jiujiu Hut.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Mt. Yizhe from my first visit in September 2020.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
Mt. Jiali from my first visit in September 2020.

Day 3 Itinerary: Back to Dalu Forest Road, from Boredom to Still Boredom

You take the same way back to Mt. Dabajian Checkpoint. It's just this time hiking on Dalu Forest Road will turn from boring to dreadful, because you've known what it's like already.
My hiking mates and I kept counting down the millage posts till I grew tired of it. Finally, I told them I didn't want to do this hike again, but I knew I was lying.
Dalu Forest Road to Mt. Dabajian
My grumpy face after finishing Dalu Forest Road.

Worth Mentioning: Beautiful Guanwu Villa

If you are not in a hurry to go home, please spend some time at Guanwu Villa. The view from this villa's restaurant is fantastic.
Guanwu Villa seeing the Holy Ridgeline in Taiwan
The whole Holy Ridge was presented in front of us.
There are several relaxing trails near the villa that are great for strolling.

About Mt. Dabajian, Shei-Pa National Park, and Holy Ridge (Shengleng Trail)

Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian

Mt. Dabajian 大霸尖山 is the mountain that every Taiwanese sees daily, probably without even knowing it because this mountain is depicted on the back of the NT$500 banknote. For many hikers in Taiwan, hiking to those mountains is on their bucket list.
Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian are the sacred mountains for Taiwan indigenous people Atayal 泰雅族 and Saisiyat 賽夏族. Atayal people call those two mountains Babo Papak, meaning two ears 雙耳嶽. Those two peaks do look like ears from a distance.
Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajain from Mt. Tao
In Chinese, Da 大 means big, Xiao 小 means small, and Jian means peaks. That's why you see Daba Peaks written on the permit application page. While hiking on other trails, I could see those fantastic peaks from a distance.
There was a ladder going to the top of Mt. Dabajian, but the ladder was worn out and became too dangerous to climb. The most important thing is the peak is Atayal's sacred place.
To respect their culture and for the safety of hikers, Shei-Pa National Park 雪霸國家公園 removed the ladder in 1991 and banned climbing to the top in 2010.
Looking at the Holy Ridge from other trail.
Mt. Dabajian and Mt. Xiaobajian belong to the Snow Mountain Range 雪山山脈. Therefore, here are several hiking routes to get close to those amazing mountains. Here, I hiked on the most popular and the easiest one, Mt. Dabajian Trail.
As to Mt. Yizhe 伊澤山 and Mt. Jiali 加利山 those are listed on the 100 Peaks, and Mt. Yizhe is the northeast peak among the 100 Peaks list.

About Shei-Pa National Park

Before we start, some confusing translations need to be clarified first.
Snow Mmountain and Dabajian from Jiaoxi, Yilan
I saw the snow capped Mountain Snow and Mt. Dabajian after exiting Hsuehshan Tunnel in Jiaoxi, Yilan.
Shei means snow in Chinese, and here it refers to Snow Mountain. Pa is a different translation of Ba and refers to Mt. Dabajian here.
Holy Ridgeline hike in Taiwan
I found another Mt. Dabajian translation, Mt. Tapa Peak, while doing Y Route.
Shei-Pa National Park is the 5th one in Taiwan. The most famous tourist attraction at the park is Wuling Farm 武陵農場. Wuling Farm attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the beautiful flowers during cherry tree blossoms.
Wuling Farm in Taiwan
Please visit Shei-Pa National Park for more information.
Wuling Farm in Taiwan

Holy Ridge Trail (Shengleng Trail)

Holy Ridge refers to the ridges between Snow Mountain and Mt. Dabajian, and most of the elevation is 3,000 meters above sea level. This name was first brought up by a Japanese climber Numai Tetsutarō 沼井鐵太郎 in 1928.
100 Peaks: Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobabajian, Mt. Jiali, and Mt. Yizhe
There are several routes to take on this thru hike, but none is easy. Hikers can take on some of the peaks on the Holy Ridge instead of doing it all at once.
Guanwu Villa seeing the Holy Ridgeline in Taiwan
The popular hikes among those are Snow Mountain, Mt. Dabajian, Mt. Xiaobajian, and Wuling Quadruple (Mountains) Trail, aka Wuling Four Beauties: Mt. Pintian (3,524 meters), Mt. Chihyou (3,303 meters), Mt. Tao or Taoshan (3,325 meters), and Mt. Kalahei (3,133 meters).
Wuling Farm in Taiwan
Visitors can see Wuling Quadruple Trail at Wuling Farm.

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