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Posted by:  Anusha Lee
Published date: January 1, 2020
Updated: December 25, 2022
Hey, thank you for visiting Taiwan Hikes! This is Anusha. I hope you find the things you need to know about hiking, trekking, and backpacking in Taiwan nature here.
I write the code from scratch to make this website. I also collect free and paid group hiking trips for those who want to join guided trips. You can also find those I've done and enjoyed here for those who want to do hikes alone.

On this page, you will see the following:

What is Taiwan: A Gem under the Radar for Avid Hikers

Taiwan is very small, 35,980 km2 (13,974 m2). Most people's impression of Taiwan is the manufacturing industry and food. Yet, Taiwan has more to offer.
Morning view of Zhongbaping to Mt. Dabajian
The famous Holy Ridgeline in Taiwan

How Small Is Taiwan?

  1. About the same size as the Netherlands and Switzerland
  2. Slightly bigger than the state of Maryland in the United States
  3. 1/7 of the United Kingdom
  4. 1/9 of Vietnam
  5. 1/10 of Norway and Germany
  6. 1/11 of the state of California in the United States
  7. 1/14 of Thailand (Taiwan and Thailand are different countries)
  8. 1/22 of Turkey
  9. 1/34 of South Africa
  10. 1/55 of Mexico
  11. 1/77 of Argentina
  12. 1/91 of India
  13. 1/215 of Australia (with a similar amount of population)
  14. 1/237 of Brazil
  15. 1/273 of the United States
  16. 1/475 of Russia
On this tiny island, 70% of Taiwan is covered by mountains, and 268 mountains are over 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) above sea level. So, you can imagine how many wonderful trails we have here in Taiwan.
Xinan Mountain, Shishan, Shishan Xiu Lake 3-day hike in Kaohsiung
If you are looking for a brand-new place to explore and see the mountain and ocean views all at once, Taiwan is the right place for you.

Safety and Enjoy Free-guided Hikes

Taiwan Hikes also provides information for people who don't read Chinese. You can find free and paid guided trips in Taiwan and enjoy hiking with the locals.
Beidelaman Trail and Mt. Neiniaozui: Echo Valley
My favorite hiking group, LOHAS
You can find the details of the hikes I've done and recommended for solo hikers or those who prefer hiking with friend.
Due to the unique trail terrains in Taiwan, I encourage people new to Taiwan trails to hike with the experienced guides for safety reasons. You can see here to know how hiking guides are trained in Taiwan.
Xiangtianhu in Nanzhuang
Rough trails are common in Taiwan.
Please read this before hiking in Taiwan: How to Stay Alive and Get Found Soon While Getting Lost on the Trails in Taiwan.

Why Did I Start This Website?

I started hiking in early 2017 and started my journey of learning how to code later in the same year.
There are many hiking groups in Taiwan, and the local hiking community is robust. Many hiking groups and hikers help clean up the trails, put new signs or ribbons for fellow hikers, and even help rescue actions.
Sanxia Jinminzi Mountain loop trail
Hiking groups voluntarily set up sighs to help hikers navigate.
As a new hiker, it was a no-brainer for me to hike with them. I met many hikers who share the same enthusiasm for nature in Taiwan. I also get to hike many remote places that I would never be able to go on my own.
Group photos from Shishan and Shishan Xiu Lake hike. Photo by Mingshu Lian
Hiking with my favorite hiking group, LOHAS. Photo by Lian Mingshu.
I met hikers from other countries and had conversations with them. I asked them how they found the trails, and they said they Google. Unfortunately, I also heard terrible hiking stories about international visitors getting lost on the trails.
100 Peaks: Mt. Qilai South Peak and Mt. Nanhua
Hiking with friends from different countries
Also, some of Taiwan's hiking safety guidelines differ from other countries. For example, hikers are taught to follow the streams when getting lost in many countries. However, if hikers try to follow the streams when they get lost in Taiwan, they might end up in a more dangerous situation or die.
Holy Ridgeline hike in Taiwan
Some hiking safety guidelines in Taiwan are different from other countries.
I also share other English blogs on the resource page if you want to look for more options.
Taiwan Hikes website is an ongoing project, and sometimes I might come up with crazy ideas about the content I want to present. If you'd like to receive updates about this website, please sign up for our newsletters.

Taiwan Hikes' Partner: HolaTaipei Travel

In May 2022, Taiwan Hikes teams up with HOLATAIPEI TRAVEL 台北歡迎有限公司, a travel agency based in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the founders, Cris, is also a good friend of mine.
HolaTaipei Cris-YMS
Cris and I at Yangmingshan
He is a native Spanish and has lived in Taiwan for 10+ years. Because of his love and passion for Taiwan, HolaTaipei was born. HolaTaipei is a small company, but they provide all kinds of itineraries to help travelers worldwide see Taiwan's distinctive side.
What makes HolaTaipei unique is HolaTaipei also offers Spanish tours other than English. Cris speaks Chinese, too.
Photo by HolaTaipei.
He is also an avid hiker. We have hiked several trails, including 100 Peaks. Therefore, we'd like to team up to help travelers experience Taiwan's amazing nature.
HolaTaipei and Taipei 101
HolaTaipei has many guided tours around Taipei 101. Photo by HolaTaipei.

Also Seen and Heard On...

I'm thrilled that I was interviewed by the following media, websites, and podcasts in Taiwan and the U.S.
  1. 用英文寫登山指南!外國人也能輕鬆踏入台灣山林! ft. Taiwan Hikes英文部落格創辦人-Anusha on I Love Takoda on November 16, 2022.
    This is the second part of the interview with Lena from the I Love Takoda podcast. I might complain the wicky English translations on the trails in Taiwan too much!
  2. 挪威三大奇岩行後開啟了登山及自媒體經營不歸路! ft. Taiwan Hikes英文部落格創辦人-Anusha on I Love Takoda on November 9, 2022.
    This is a podcast by a Taiwanese outdoor clothing company Takoda Active featuring many outdoor lovers in Taiwan. I came across Takoda Active's clothes, and I was impressed by the quality. I chatted with the host Lena and she invited me to be on the podcast. We shared how I started hiking and why I started the Taiwan Hikes website.
    As to Takoda Active's products, after testing their shirts several times, I fall in love with their quality and products. Plus, it's made in Taiwan. FYI, I'm not sponsored by Takoda Active, and I bought the clothes out of my own pocket.
  3. I Love The Outdoors Interview #10 – Anusha From Taiwan Hikes. on Wilderness Times on August 23, 2022.
    Wilderness Times' I Love The Outdoors is one of my favorite outdoor series. The Editor-In-Chief, Mike has interviewed many hikers with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. It's so wonderful to hear other hikers' stories and this has become a great community.
  4. Making Taiwan's trails more English accessible on Island Adventures, Radio Taiwan International (RTI) on August 21, 2022.
    RTI is Taiwan's national broadcaster that provides news, audio, and video fetures about Taiwan. The host, Emma Benack, of Island Adventures is very friendly and kind. I was very nervous about being interviewed by English. Emma helped me take it easy and we had a great chat about Taiwan's nature.

Thank You for Your Supports!

I want to thank many people who have been helping me to build up Taiwan Hikes.
Many coding friends help me solve the bugs. They are angels.
Hiking guides from LOHAS encouraged me when I was struggling on the trails. They also kindly let me use their photos on this website. I want to thank Acer Lee for helping me identify those wildflowers I saw on the trails. Without them, I wouldn't be home safely.
Thank Ami from Taiwan Trails and Tales, Glenn from OutRecording, and their wives. You guys let me know I'm not alone.
Taiwan Hikes' newsletter subscribers. When I receive a notification about a new subscriber, it makes my day.
I especially want to thank those who Buy Me A Coffee. I never thought that people would read my website, let alone support me by buying me coffee. Thank you so much!
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