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Hi, I'm Anusha, and I write the code myself to make this website, collect free and paid group hiking trips, and document my hiking and backpacking to help people find hiking trails and guided hikes in Taiwan.
Anusha Lee


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Hiking in Taiwan: A Gem under the Radar

Taiwan is very small, 35,980 km2 (13,974 m2), and most people’s impression of Taiwan is the manufacturing industry and food. However, Taiwan has more to offer.
On this tiny island, 70% of Taiwan is covered by mountains, and 268 mountains are over 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) above sea level. So, you can imagine how many wonderful trails we have here in Taiwan.
If you are looking for a brand-new place to explore, experience a very different culture, see the mountain and ocean views at the same time, etc., Taiwan is the right place for you.

Safety and Enjoy Free-guided Hikes

Other than sharing the wonderful trails in Taiwan, another purpose of Taiwan Hikes is to provide information for people who don’t read Chinese to find free and paid guided trips in Taiwan and enjoy hiking with the local people safely.
For most people from other countries, solo hiking or hiking only with close friends or families is more popular than hiking with a bunch of strangers. But due to the unique and complicated trail terrains in Taiwan, I still strongly encourage international visitors to hike with the locals for safety reasons.

Provide Doable Solo Hike Options

Besides group hikes, I also document the hiking trips I think are suitable for solo hikes. As long as you are well prepared and in good physical condition, doing a solo hike is a lot of fun in Taiwan.

How Did This Get Started?

Besides being an avid hiker, I'm also teaching myself how to code. I started hiking regularly in early 2017 and started my journey of learning how to code later in the same year.
There are many hiking associations in Taiwan, and the hiking community here is very strong. Many hiking associations or hikers voluntarily help clean up the trails, put new signs or ribbons for fellow hikers, and even help rescue actions.
As a new hiker, it was a no-brainer for me to hike with them. On those hiking trips, I've met many hikers who also share a love for nature in Taiwan, and I also get to hike many remote places that I would never be able to go on my own.
I've met some hikers from other countries and had conversations with them. I asked them how they found the trails, and they told me they Google. But unfortunately, I also heard terrible hiking stories about international visitors getting lost on the trails.

Combine Things I love Together

Since I was looking for personal projects to test my coding skills, I thought, why not combine those I enjoy? That's how Taiwan Hikes was born. I won't deny that there are so many times I wanted to give up this website when my code got stuck. But I'm glad I'm still here.
As to the hiking trails, I prefer to take more challenging hikes, and some of those may not be easy to access or suitable for most people. One of the reasons is it's less crowded on those trails, and I can see the fantastic views on those trails if I'm lucky enough.
So, if you're not a regular hiker, please take trails rated A only to make sure you can enjoy your trip without feeling exhausted. I'll also share other English blogs on the resource page if you want to look for more options.
Taiwan Hikes website is an ongoing project, and sometimes I might come up with some crazy ideas about the content I want to present. Therefore, I will update the content of Taiwan Hikes from time to time. If you'd like to receive updates about this website, please sign up for our newsletters.
The content, images (unless specified), and code are mainly written or taken by me. As you can see, my native language is not English. I've tried my best to detect typos and grammar errors without hiring an editor. Please let me know if there's any error in a kind way, and thank you.

Promote Taiwan Local and Small Business

Probably many people have known about Taiwan's power in manufacturing. Other than electric components and technology, many companies make good quality outdoor gear and related outdoor products, and I hope to help them grow together. Currently, I am not sponsored by any of them, even though they are presented here. If things change, I will update it as soon as possible.

Team up with HolaTaipei!

Do you speak Spanish or prefer to read Spanish posts? Taiwan Hikes has teamed up with HolaTaipei Travel to provide more Spanish information in the future!
HolaTaipei Travel is a travel consulting company founded by two expats who love Taiwan so much that they decide to provide travel services for people around the world. If you plan to visit Taiwan or have any inquiries about traveling in Taiwan, please don’t hesitate to contact HolaTaipei for details.
What’s more, you can find popular posts in Spanish on HolaTaipei Travel.
In the future, Taiwan Hikes and HolaTaipei will work together to have more fun activities in Taipei and even in Alishan. Stay tuned!
All content provided is for inspirational and informational purposes only. Creating, using, hiking, or traveling with Taiwan Hikes' suggested services, or itineraries is at your own risk. Please use your best judgment and follow all safety precautions as Taiwan Hikes and Anusha Lee are not liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the use of this information.
Please also note that Taiwanese government agencies tend to change their URLs without bothering to redirect to the new ones. As a results, you will find some external sites on Taiwan Hikes website are not working from time to time. Taiwan Hikes will try to update those URLs if possible.
Taiwan Hikes is not responsible for the content of external sites.
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