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On the Blog page, you can search for posts based on the locations, difficulties, and features.
I even put an option called Never Again Hikes if you are curious.
If you are from another country, I will suggest you spend some time to know about the hiking culture in Taiwan by checking out the Start Here page. You will find posts about the hiking culture, how hiking guides are trained, and other things related to hiking in Taiwan.
If you plan do to self-guided hikes but don't know how to apply for hiking permits, you can check out this comprehensive guide: Applying for Hiking Permits to Hike the 5 Most Popular Mountains in Taiwan page.
Paiyun Lodge application
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If you are also interested in wildflowers like me, please check out the Flowers on the Trails page.
flowers-Mt. Maomu, Mt. Bilu, and Mt. Yangtou
Then the most important thing is SAFETY! Please take some time to read How to Stay Alive and Get Found Soon While Getting Lost on the Trails in Taiwan.
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